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Two Paws Daycare Center
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Sat. Jan. 22, 2005 - NEWS: We are under new management! Also, all posts are now visable to members only, and non-member/anon posting has been disabled. So if you're "watching" this community to cause trouble, you might aswell stop. All memberships will be approved or rejected by the owner. If any of you members have any problems, or would just like to chat, contact the mod! Hope everyone's doin' well!

Welcome to the Two Paws Daycare Center! Here, babyfurs, lilfurs, kidfurs and their caretakers and friends can come and play and interact with each other.

Just like any other daycare center, there are rules:

1) All furs must play nice with each other. If you can't play nice, you can't play at all.
2) Please join the community before you post anything.
3) Remember furs, this is an RP... So please stay on topic... No posting about a skirt you are selling on EBay, or stuff like that... The only off topic post that will be allowed is if you want to post a new picture of your babyfur character. But that's it. NO OFF-TOPIC POSTING!
4) Listen to the adults (Mods).
5) Please post an introductory paragraph/profile of your character upon joining the community.
6) Have fun! <(^-^)>

Well, that's about it! Welcome to the Daycare!

Daycare Center Owner (mod): kaishen