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December 2008


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kivathewhite in furry_daycare

New Cub

Hi my name is Kiva I'm a cute baby whitefox with red tipped ears I am about three years old I am very shy and still in training pants and I loves to play and make new friends, kiva *waves* to the other little ones in the daycare hewwo gang. wets play.


*tackle pounce hugs*

welcome :)

new kitty

a kitten with short black fur everywhere but the long black furr on her ears and tail, wearing a purple butterflie print diaper, crawled in carrying a teddy with her paci cliped to it. she was 2 years old and cute as a botton. "hewo" she said, her name was allycat, she was playful and hyper most the time. she dropped her teddy and tickled a whitefox that she saw "pway! pway! pway!" she said giggling.

Re: new kitty

Gets up and begins to chase you to tag you giggling happily. Takes out a bag of animal cirus crackers from his pocket and gives you sum. I wuv animal crackems their tasty. Kiva shows you his stuffed animal donni the doberman. And then asks you if you would like to watch to blues clues playroom with him.

Re: new kitty

munches on the crackers smiling and squeels "i wuv bwues cwues" hugls you and then says "wace wou to the tv" starts running to the tv.
Heyas Kiva! Welcome to FDC! Hope you like it here! n.n If you have any questions, you can email me from the FDC info page

Have fun! n_n

- Kai :: FDC Owner ::
Hello there kiva. nice to meet you. *leans down and puts out his paw* I am bio wolf. i am a care taker. *smiles at you*