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December 2008


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ruffy_raccoon in furry_daycare


And i appear! G'afternoon everfur! Just joined so thought i'd pop in and nose around atcha all ^.^ Still a lil new to LJ sticking largely to updating my Journal but this looks awesomely cute and fun so rar, here to play if any interestedfurs are! Amma 3yo babycoon with pictures and more info onmy site, www.freewebs.com/ruffy-raccoon/


hurray *the lil roo in his large but well fitted collar as he giggles and huggles making the collar jingle* :P
-pouncecuddles da britkit- Welcome to our daycare. If ya have any questions, you got my im's an email. -Kai :: FDC owner ::
Hello there little one. nice to meet you. i am bio wolf. i am a care taker. how do you do?
I'm great thanks, you? ^.^
i am doing good to. just wanted to stop in and say hello.
Hehe, okies then, well, tis nice to meetcha all, speak to ya here or somewhere at some point ^.^
we have> i dont remeber talking to you before. but it is ok. *hugs*
Well, tbere's a first time for everything ^^
wow that was fast. lol i just got home from work. so are you a cub? i am a care taker.
I be a cub, and yus, it'd be quick because I'm poking people online right now with the great shiney keyboard of............................purple!